Deploy LabxDB

Deploy a ready-to-use LabxDB. Provided scripts can create OS images or install LabxDB in the cloud.

  • Images for Virtualbox or QEMU are provided. For lightweight solution, Docker configuration file is provided. Easy, free and quick way to test or deploy LabxDB.
  • Using the same scripts, LabxDB can be installed in the cloud, for example using DigitalOcean or Vultr. Easy, not free, way to test or deploy LabxDB. Installed instance in the cloud will be publicly accessible on internet.

The installation is split into two parts:

  • LabxDB installation. LabxDB is ready to use and accessible on the port 8081 with an URL like http://IP:8081. To be used for testing or within an existing web server.
  • Public-facing LabxDB installation. On top of the previous install, it adds:
    1. A reverse-proxy, Caddy, exposing LabxDB on secure https using a domain name provided by DuckDNS (or any registrar, for example Gandi) and SSL certificates signed by Let’s Encrypt.
    2. A firewall Nftables. By default only port 22 (SSH), 80 and 443 (web) are open.


  1. Technologies

    Lightweight virtualization Virtualization Cloud
    Docker VirtualBox DigitalOcean
    QEMU Vultr
  2. Type of installations (by script)

    Type Script
    LabxDB installation
    Public-facing LabxDB installation
Last modification: May 26, 2020