LabxDB is versatile open-source solution for organizing and sharing structured data. LabxDB provides a toolkit to build browser-based graphical interface and REST interfaces to databases. Any table including nested tables in SQL server can be viewed/edited within a browser. Ready-to-use databases for laboratory (plasmid collection, high-throuput sequencing, ordering, etc) are already implemented.


  • Client-server architecture: multiple clients can access the database at the same time
  • Support hierarchical data with unlimited number of nested levels
  • Easy to add new databases using example databases provided
  • Limited external dependencies for minimal long-term maintenance
  • Open source license (MPL-2.0)

Technical implementation

  • Back-end
  • Front-end
    • Written in plain Javascript ES6 without external dependencies.

Implemented databases

Databases are implemented using LabxDB for biology lab (see architecture for detailed description):

  • LabxDB seq: High-throughput sequencing data
  • Lab collections: plasmid, cell lines, fish or fly lines
  • Lab management: Order (purchase)

Printable manual

This documentation is available as a printable manual.


LabxDB is licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Last modification: May 26, 2020