Version 0.3

This version introduces a new column in LabxDB order database: URL. Using a new link option for thegui_type parameter, the Table class displays URLs as buttons.

Manual update is required. Follow instructions below.

  1. Add url in the purchase.item table.
    1. Connect to PostgreSQL (your installation might be different):
      psql -U lab postgres
    2. Add the url column:
      ALTER TABLE purchase.item ADD COLUMN url varchar(255);
  2. Replace the following files in your installation (in this example /root/labxdb):
    tar xvfz labxdb-v0.3.tar.gz
    cp labxdb-v0.3/handlers/order.py /root/labxdb/handlers/
    cp labxdb-v0.3/handlers/plasmid.py /root/labxdb/handlers/
    cp labxdb-v0.3/static/js/table.js /root/labxdb/static/js/
Last modification: June 29, 2020