Server installation


  1. PostgreSQL server

  2. Python 3.6+

  3. Python libraries aiohttp, aiohttp-jinja2 and asyncpg.

pip3 install aiohttp
pip3 install aiohttp-jinja2
pip3 install asyncpg

Installing a database

TipThe script available in the contrib/virt folder of LabxDB repository installs LabxDB and its dependencies. Please refer to this script for details about LabxDB installation.
  1. Install PostgreSQL server, Python and Python libraries.

  2. Create a lab role to connect to PostgreSQL.

  3. Import schema describing a database. Example databases are available in contrib/databases/sql folder of the LabxDB repository. The schema are templates. To load them and replace the variables in the templates, the simple script can be used. To connect to PostgreSQL server, a user with admin rights, here postgres, is required. -s -a schema,purchase -u postgres create_order_tables.sql
  4. Start LabxDB server application. For example: --port=8081 --db_host=localhost --db_user=lab --db_password="labxdb" --db_name=postgres --db_conn=2
Last modification: May 26, 2020