Deploy with QEMU

A pre-installed LabxDB image for QEMU is available to easily run LabxDB. It provides a fully functional LabxDB based on the ArchLinux operating system.

Start virtual machine

To get the LabxDB virtual machine running:

  1. Install QEMU
  2. Download the LabxDB virtual machine labxdb.qcow2.zst
  3. Unzip the virtual machine using Zstandard:
    zstd -d labxdb.qcow2.zst
  4. Start LabxDB virtual machine. For example:
    qemu-system-x86_64 -machine q35,accel=kvm \
                       -cpu host \
                       -enable-kvm \
                       -m 2000 \
                       -smp 1 \
                       -drive file=labxdb.qcow2,if=virtio,cache=writeback,discard=ignore,format=qcow2 \
                       -device virtio-net,netdev=n1 \
                       -netdev user,id=n1,hostfwd=tcp::8022-:22,hostfwd=tcp::8081-:8081

Connect to LabxDB

The LabxDB client should be available at http://localhost:8081.

Configure the virtual machine

To admin the virtual, SSH server is running on the virtual machine. To connect using SSH client:

ssh -p 8022 root@

The pre-configured root password is archadmin.

NoteThe LabxDB virtual machine is created using i) the script to install ArchLinux and ii) the script to install LabxDB and its dependencies. These scripts are available in the contrib/virt folder of LabxDB repository. Please refer to these scripts for details about the virtual machine setup.
Last modification: May 26, 2020